About Partners 2 Health

"Partners 2 Health" (P2H) is the companywide initiative for employees and their families to work together with Gulfstream to achieve a healthy life and reduce healthcare costs. Under this partnership, Gulfstream will supply the resources (medical plans and health-related information) and families will make informed decisions (taking into consideration that health guidance) to maintain or improve their health.

Introduced in May 2006, Partners 2 Health brings together under one comprehensive initiative the many programs Gulfstream offers to help employees and their families attain better health. Such programs include:

  • Preventive care coverage to encourage routine screenings that detect diseases in their early, more treatable stages, such as annual physicals, well child exams and immunizations, and specific cancer screenings
  • Disease management programs to provide support and education to individuals with specific chronic health conditions, such as diabetes, heart disease or asthma
  • Health education activities and communications
  • Health Risk Assessments to help individuals identify potential health risks in order to take steps to address those risks
  • Quality-based provider networks, where available
  • Health information Web sites
Gulfstream's commitment to the health of its employees and their families is sincere and significant. Together, as "Partners 2 Health," we can tackle the problem of rising health care costs and attain the even greater goal of better health for our employees and their family members.